June 18, 2014

Spotted (2)
Pretty Ballerinas leopard loafers

While I was in NYC, I stopped by the quaint Pretty Ballerinas store that is nestled in the corner of the 67th and Madison Ave. I've been dreaming about visiting this place for months and the chance finally came last weekend. As soon as you enter through the doors, you will notice the charming pink walls, French antique chandeliers and gold-rimmed mirrors. I stepped in with the intention of purchasing a pair of ballet flats, but walked out of the store with these drop-dead gorgeous leopard loafers instead. There is definitely a lot more personality to these beauts!


  1. leopard loafers are classic! I overwear the pairs I have <3

    1. I agree! I have a pair just for work and I love them - these will be saved solely for the weekends! :)