A sweetened moment.

October 25, 2009

Marciano Susanna Corset Dress (exchanged for the Wild Mushroom colour), nude purse, Michael Kors heels

Sweet nineteenth was a fail at first resulting in me canceling the entire event, but the boyfriend being the sweetheart he is (and along with a few friends), pulled everything back together and surprised me. Dinner was supposed to be held at 5th Elementt, an Indian cuisine in the heart of downtown Toronto, but since many were either going to be late or weren't going to be able to make it - I had no other choice but to cancel reservations and all plans to follow. My plan was to sleep my night away - the sky was crying and the weather was just plain ugly. I honestly wanted nothing more but to snuggle up under the sheets. He resisted and demanded me to go out regardless - and gave me an hour to get myself ready and dressed for a night out. Obviously didn't expect more than just a simple dinner with him, but by the time we arrived downtown, everyone who was originally attending the dinner in the first place showed up one by one. Had an amazing dinner at Milestones Bar & Grill - we didn't even have to make reservations and we were still able to get a beautiful party room side from the dining area. I'm still astonished at how he managed to piece everything together in such a short moment of time. I have to say, that was the sweetest, most simplest birthday with the loved ones. Awaiting for Thursday to come, where I will be officially legal to drink ..


  1. love the dress! happy belated bday!

  2. Aw happy birthday! That dress is scandalous - it looks great on you. And I agree with the exchange, I like the mushroom color more on your skin tone :)

  3. oh happy birthday girl! you look absolutely amazing in that dress, and I agree too on the exchange of colors!

    aww, it's so sweet of your bf to arrange the party! Hope you're having a great week so far:)

  4. Gorgeous dress...happy belated birthday!

  5. looking very pretty in that corset dress! :)

    happy belated birthday! u n ur bf look really sweet 2gether *smiles*