Spring Housewarming

June 1, 2015

 Spring is one of my favourite seasons and despite the bugs and allergies, it's the perfect time to host a party or in my case, a long overdue house(condo)warming. For this special occasion, I had the pleasure of partnering with Pinnacle Vodka to help bring some fun to this party. I invited a few of my closest girlfriends over for an intimate Sunday brunch themed party on my balcony.

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Of course, backyards and patios make for the best gatherings, but when you live in a condo, you will have to make do with the minimal space. When designing your balcony, I would recommend to start with neutral bases like this wooden balcony table and folding chairs, and then add layers of colours like a vase of spring blooms or a plant pot. I love the idea of using these Ikea wooden folding chairs and table for small outdoor spaces. You can even easily pack them away to create an intimate setting at night with blankets and cushions. There may not be enough room for additional pieces of furniture or a barbecue, but there's plenty of space for styling what you have so you can create a welcoming and beautiful patio.

The most important part of hosting a party is to come up with a theme and to follow through with matching décor. The season was my inspiration so I decided to go with springtime florals with hints of blush and rustic goldtones. I picked up some fresh flowers from my local gourmet market and filled my favourite bottle (which can also double as a flower vase!) with the yellow daisies. You can also use a silver bucket pail to hold your flowers if you want to go for a more rustic, outdoor look. I decided to use it as an ice bucket for the Pinnacle Vodka.

To go along with the theme, I purchased two decorative floral pillow cushions from Indigo. Outdoor pillows can instantly lift the look of your furniture and the way you experience it. Go for colours and prints to bring out the life in your furniture and who you are. I personally love the botanical details on this pillow to match the theme of the party.

Finally, tabletop décor is also crucial. I used my new pedestal from Ikea for the beautiful nearly naked red velvet cake made by my talented best friend, Tiffany, a wooden bread board for the homemade assorted crostinis, and this gorgeous vintage gold tray from Value Village for my spread of brunch treats. To complete the look, I added a fun tea towel with the phrase "Oh, what a beautiful day." as it spoke true to how the day went!

If you're hosting an evening party, go for a more romantic atmosphere in the summertime by adding candles and string lights! These will look perfect with the above décor.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it has inspired you to host your little spring and summer patio party!


  1. beautiful spread! congrats again on the new place!


    1. Thanks gal! It was so fun to put together :)

  2. What a lovely patio party! Loving your new place!


  3. Where did you get the wood serving board?