April 19, 2015

Top: ASOS white shirt (similar)
Bottom: Forever 21 distressed jeans (similar)
Rings: Etsy, Oak + Fort
Bracelet: Brandy Pham cylinder bracelet

Ever since the move, I've been spending my weekends either being adventurous and out exploring the city or being a homebody. I love the city, but most days, I enjoy the comfort and simple pleasures of being indoors so I can catch up on Netflix or blogging. Yesterday, I woke up and slipped into a button-down white shirt, a pair of ripped jeans and made myself a cup of roasted milk tea to start my day. I tend to feel most inspired to shoot and blog on weekend mornings and/or afternoons when there's a lot of natural light. This was the same when I lived at home, except I rarely received daylight because of where my room was located in the house. To be totally truthful, this was actually an important factor when we were determining where to live because I wanted a space where I could be motivated to blog more. As of late, I've been encouraged to do more planning and photos because the sun did not set until 7PM so hopefully I can keep this up. I want to get to a point where I can be posting more often than once or twice a week to keep the content fresh and interesting. If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see more of, comment below!

Untitled      I haven't written much about the experience after moving out with Terrance, but so far it has been amazing (with some challenging adjustments that we are still working through because of our different habits). We've both agreed that having space and time for ourselves is key so it's nice to have a spacious unit where we can each do our own things. We are so in love with our new place and location - even though we are facing the West, we get ample sunlight during the day and a beautiful view of the sunset in the evening so we pretty much have the best of both worlds!


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    1. Thanks Carolyn! I agree - I love it so much! It's perfect for photos ;)

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