Perfectly Polished

August 4, 2014

Pleated & Polished (1)

Jacket: Zara boyfriend blazer (similar)
Top: J.Crew 'kiss kiss' tee (similar)
Bottom: J.Crew pleated crepe shorts
Shoes: Zara lace slingback heels (similar)
Bracelet: c/o David Smallcombe cuffs
Bag: Michael Kors cross body bag
Lipstick: MAC lipstick in "Ruby Woo"

For as long as I can remember, the J.Crew catalogues have served as the one-stop-shop for my 9 to 5 workwear inspiration. One of the few things that I learned while working in an office setting is that an outfit can completely change your attitude, as well as others' attitude towards you. Equipping yourself with a smart work wardrobe can help establish a lasting impression within the workplace and also help boost your self-esteem. For me, feeling confident is key and that is something that a great polished outfit can accomplish. What I love most about these J.Crew pleated crepe shorts is that they're simply designed for the workplace. Every detail is taken from a pair of tailored trousers, but cut short so that it is summer-appropriate. On weekends, a casual tee like this one can easily take this outfit down a notch so it doesn't seem like you're working overtime!

Pleated & Polished (2) Pleated & Polished (3) Pleated & Polished (4) Pleated & Polished (5)

Photography by With Wendy


  1. so chic! I love your outfit!

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