Rice lake

July 14, 2013

Rice Lake (1)
Tobi bodysuit | Asos bandeau top

A weekend road trip down to Rice Lake is my definition of a classic summer day. It’s nothing extraordinary to be fishing on a pontoon and definitely far from glamorous, but nothing beats getting away from the city for a few hours of relaxation by the water. It’s easy to indulge in the soothing sound of the light waves and birds’ chirping, while taking in the pleasure of having a fish (or seaweed in my case) tug on your bait and finally reeling it in. What’s even greater is being able to surround yourself with laughter and wonderful people.

Rice Lake (2)Rice Lake (3) Rice Lake (4) Rice Lake (5) Rice Lake (6) Rice Lake (7) Rice Lake (8) Rice Lake (9) Rice Lake (10)


  1. Haha nice trip with the boys! And
    congratz with catching that fish!
    Mhmm sushi I'd say :P Xx

  2. looks super fun :) So glad the weather is finally better!

  3. great photos :)


  4. Oh that looks like it was so much fun! were you wearing a bandeau swim suit underneath or is the bow apart of the top?

  5. looks like it was a stunning day! Your bodysuit looks beautiful. :) x