Black & ruffles

January 20, 2013

Black & Ruffles (1) Black & Ruffles (2) Black & Ruffles (3) Black & Ruffles (4) Black & Ruffles (5) Black & Ruffles (6) Black & Ruffles (7) Black & Ruffles (8)
Jacket: Zara blazer
Top: Club Monaco ruffled one shoulder top
Bottoms: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Zara lace slingbacks
Bag: eBay black quilted purse
Accessories: Random silver ring and cuff

When you're running out of outfit ideas, you know you can always depend on a classic black blazer to help polish up your look. I'm also pretty excited about this new pair of lace slingbacks that I picked up from Zara. I've been on the hunt for them for the past little while and when I thought I lost all hope in finding them, it suddenly appeared. I'm pretty convinced that these were made for my closet. Although the height is a little high for me, I couldn't say no to this beauty. Lets just hope that my feet will stay perfectly in tact after half an hour in them!


  1. Such a pretty and cute outfit with the ruffles <3


  2. I love you in all black! We rarely see you wear dark colours, so this is a nice change. : )

  3. They look fantastic on! It's strange that just when you think you're never going to find something, they always manage to pop up.. in your size! I think product at Zara gets shipped around a lot, so it's always best to check back every few weeks or so.

  4. Yes, I love wearing black too. You look gorgeous, as always!

    xo Jo

  5. How did the shoes feel after wearing them for awhile? They are so pretty! I love your look, it is so classic and simple.


  6. Classic is always right, I love black.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  7. I really like those shoes, cool outfit.

    Eva xo