Autumn florals

September 24, 2012

Autumn Florals (5) Autumn Florals (2) Autumn Florals (1) Autumn Florals (7) Autumn Florals (8) Autumn Florals (9) Autumn Florals (10)
Jacket: Zara blazer
Top: Wilfred camisole
Bottoms: Forever 21 floral pants
Shoes: Nine West pumps
Bag: eBay black quilted purse
Bracelet: c/o David Smallcombe cuffs
Necklace: Etsy curved bar necklace
Ring: Etsy twist ring

Floral pants have been the latest fashion topic, but never would I have imagined myself to be one to pick up a pair as feminine as it is. When I first noticed these floral pants, I was hesitant but the romantic and silk-like material (not to mention the cheap price tag) made my decision easier. This season, my plan is to spruce up my wardrobe with the latest trends and florals are no exception.

To style these, I paired it with a solid silk camisole and a blazer with subtle polka dot prints on the cuffed sleeves. As mentioned in my previous post, the key is to keep the attire balanced. I played it safe by keeping the rest of the outfit less busy so the attention can be drawn to the pants.

What’s your opinion on floral pants?


  1. i love your smile!! and your pants


  2. I could so never pull these off but they look great on you, Aney! Definitely a bit of a departure from your usual style but I like it!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. I was looking at these exact pants! I didn't take the plunge because I was unsure about the sizing and fit, but I will now definitely have to keep a look out for similar pairs. This was a great starter piece.

  4. I love florals! But I don't think I could pull off those pants confidently. You do a great job though. The styling is perfect.

  5. I love the floral pants!! They look amazing on you and I love the way you've paired them with the blazer and tee. So cute!

    xoxo Alison

  6. I absolutely love how you styled those floral printed pants!


  7. My opinion is they look so good on you! Love how the floral print is on the darker side that it's the perfect pop of color (and print!) for the colder months :) Great buy indeed!!

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