Butter Avenue

April 25, 2012

Butter (2) Butter (1) Butter (3) Butter (4) Butter (5) Butter (6) Butter (7)
{Wilfred bustier; Forever 21 pleated shorts; H&M crochet cardigan and cocktail ring; Nine West patent pumps; Mango bag; David Smallcombe cuffs (buy here); Etsy twist ring}
Butter (9)
{Butter Avenue: sea salt caramel, pistachio cherry, passion fruit, matcha, earl grey, and white chocolate strawberry}

The weather has been quite strange lately so I haven't been able to squeeze in an outfit post. We received a snowfall yesterday morning, which is ridiculous since it's nearly May. However, I don't mind it too much since we barely witnessed any snow this past winter. I just hope the weather can be much more consistent in the coming weeks so I can actually plan my outfits ahead of time!

Ever since I moved back to Toronto, I have been craving for macarons. Luckily, a few of the girls were able to gather together on Sunday to make a trip down to Butter Avenue. It had a very clean interior and a great selection of macaron flavours (it's the next best thing after La Bamboche). Definitely recommend it to those who are in Toronto!


  1. You are so beautiful, and i adore how professional your pictures always are! It seems like they were editorials that just got ripped out of a magazine :) Would you possibly consider doing a post just on photography/editing tips?

    And wow, those macaroons look yummy!

    Love, Ana

  2. such a pretty outfit! i love that cardigan!

  3. I totally thought you were wearing a romper!


  4. Love the cardigan! It looks so cozy and the colour is so easy to pair with everything. And yum, macarons! I'm craving them now after seeing the pic!

  5. That cardigan and busiter combo is perfect!


  6. so beautiful! love it :)



  7. I quite like this! Confused me a little because I remembered you wearing jeans. This must be from another time :P

    - b.


  8. LOVE the sweater! I can't believe it's been warm enough in Toronto to wear shorts (even though it's been snowing)... here in Vancouver it's like continual rain rain rain.

    xo, alison*elle

  9. Love this outfit so much! I own almost all of these pieces and can't wait to wear them like this.
    I'm following you now :)


  10. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your bag. Would you believe that I have never had a macaron?



  11. Love the Outfit !


  12. Wow it snowed? That is crazy! Especially seeing you in this very summery outfit (which is gorgeous by the way). I always have a hankering for macarons. They are just too good

  13. I love that sweater, it looks sooo comfy! :D
    And mm....macarons are soooo good! I should make some this weekend

  14. I like your like my sweater and boots...
    I think you have personality and good pics so im following you
    hope you do the same


  15. Oh wow, I absolutely love this outfit! So fun and classic. That knit cardigan is the perfect shade, and I love the heels you wore.
    In fact, I just love your blog and style!
    Count me as your newest follower :)

    Trendy Teal

  16. i love your outfit and that knit cardigan is amazing! thanks for your comments on my blog and i'm a new follower.

    xx heidi

  17. LOVE your outfit and im jealous. you're my right kind of lean! D:

  18. Such a cute sweater! I love your romper too :)

  19. Such a great casual look! Macarons are my fave right now. Love your blog <3


  20. The oversized sweater is SO cute with the romper! I love how it makes it so much more daytime appropriate! So feminine & pretty!

  21. Love how simple yet sexy you look :) The cardigan adds an interesting texture to this otherwise streamlined outfit. I miss your puuuuhretty face, Aney! Hope all is well :)


  22. love slouchy cardis, i swear they're perfect for every mood.
    and omg i love butter avenue, their earl grey macaron is my fav.


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