December 28, 2011

Hannah Hannah (2) Hannah (3) Hannah (4) Hannah (5) Hannah (6)

Remember the Adore Me review that I posted here? Vanessa from Adore Me kindly sent me a lingerie set to review. I chose the Hannah to review because of its simplicity and femininity. The set itself costs $39.95 (inc. shipping and handling), which is not bad at all considering that you're receiving a push-up bra and panty.

Fit and Comfort: The bra fit just right with full coverage. The band is also quite stretchy so it provided a level of comfort. The Hannah Bra is perfect for everyday wear. It did not feel snug at all and rather comfortable with the delicate push-up padding.

Style: The Hannah Bra is beautiful with its soft, light padding and lace trim overlay. The slight push-up padding is also unique, which captured my attention since I've never seen anything like it.

Personally, there are three essential components to a bra and the Hannah satisfies all three, which are fit, comfort, and style. My wardrobe consists of a lot of lights and neutrals so this dainty bra will likely be worn many times.


  1. i personally don't prefer white bras very much because they show obviously under light clothing. nude bras seem to work a lot better for me!

  2. Oooh very pretty! And cheap too :)


  3. Woah! The padding looks so funky. I like. Almost angelic.

    <3 vonnie

  4. I love the bra, I'm really into lacey ones haha xx

  5. the padding in that looks pretty awesome! :)Thanks for sharing!!