July 17, 2011

It's you who brings the mornings (1)
It's you who brings the mornings (2)
It's you who brings the mornings (3)
It's you who brings the mornings (4)
It's you who brings the mornings (5)
Wilfred top, Forever 21 skirt and necklace, Zara coat, Guess sandals, Mango bag, Michael Kors watch

O&B (1)
O&B (2)
O&B (3)
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This past Thursday, Kristy, Jess and I decided to gather together for Summerlicious at Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill. I threw together a last minute outfit before heading out and although I didn't want to wear a coat in the scorching heat, it saved me from having a potential Marilyn Monroe moment. In the short hours, we managed to fit in a discussion regarding shopping, travel, and work. The dessert we had was probably the best part of the meal, but we can't complain about a $25 three-course dinner. It's too bad that we couldn't get a picture together, but it was nice seeing you girls!


  1. omg it is soo hot today. i almost melted just walking to shoppers.

    very smart with the jacket may i add ;)

  2. The skirt is soooo beautiful and cute! I like it! Looks great on you! (:


  3. Awww bloggy friend (bf) meet ups must be soo much fun. I'm so far away from my favorite bf's!! Great to hear you ladies had fun. The dessert does look wonderful... and so do you Aney. Although I can't imagine putting on anything longsleeved at the moment, the trench is just so lovely on you!! Hope you were able to stay cool. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. Ahh! It looks like you had a lot of fun! I love your trench coat! It is way too hot here in Cali to wear anything long-sleeved. :)

  5. All this food looks really yummy ^^ I also love your outfit it's super cute ^^

  6. Lovely - this coat is fab and the perfect compliment to this outfit! That food looks delish!


  7. Woman I'm sweating just looking at your coat! Although I'm currently baking in a house with no air conditioning so its explainable. It was great seeing you :) catch up again at Taste of Danforth

  8. aw girl dates are the best! <3

  9. Very stunning outfit. That food looks delish, but it doesn't seem like you get a lot of it. haha.

  10. i want that coat! so cute :)



  11. I love your coat. It's fun to have a girls night out, isn't it. You look gorgeous! ;)

    Have a great week ahead!

    Love, Fashionandnumber

  12. 25 dollars?!! thats a total steal! the food looks so amazing and rich in flavor! also love your trench, its a classic must!
    great blog!


  13. fab skirt ;)
    loving it!
    nom nom nom! Damn, I'm hungry now haha.
    Girls night outs are always great!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and I'm following you now!

    xoxo, Bree


  14. I love your outfit and the food looks super yummy!!! :)


  15. i love your necklace
    and how it strangely matches your sandals :)


  16. the food looks so delish! love your floral skirt and that coat is beautiful :)


  17. You look beautiful, i love your coat! And the food looks yummy, it makes me hungry haha. x

  18. Nice seeing you and Jess again, too! We should do it more often! And I second Jess on the Taste of Danforth -- maybe we can finally take some photos with each other! :p Oh boy, those mosquito bites look pretty bad :( Do they still itch? Hope they'll disappear soon!

    Man, that carrot cake was yummy. That's about it. Hahahahaha :D


  19. beautiful look, i love the simplicity of the coat! gorgeous necklace too.

  20. the food is making me hungry!! haha you look so adorable! ugh it has been so hot lately that i just been wearing tank tops!! haha

  21. You look Beautiful, I love your accessories! Also, Caesar with blue cheese~ LOVE!!!)

    Im your new follower!

    Come check us out!


  22. Love your coat! All the photos on your blog are really nice :)