HANAair Premiere Hair Dryer Review

July 14, 2011

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After using this HANAair Premiere Hair Dryer for two weeks, I can now say with confidence that it is definitely worth purchasing. Luckily, I was gifted this beautiful hair dryer by Brian over at Misikko to test and review this product. Along with the hair dryer, the sweet people over at Misikko also included little gifts in the box - I was overjoyed when I popped open the box!

HANA Salon presents the powerful HANAair hair dryer. This dryer has been Salon tested and Salon recommended since its inception. Inspired by Italian design, the combination of HANAair's strongest AC motor along with its tourmaline lined ceramic heater will dry your hair up to 60% faster maintaining natural shine while promoting healthy luxurious hair.

Some key features of this Italian product include its adjusting heat settings with 2 fan speeds, 3 heat settings and a cold shot button. It uses tourmaline and titanium oxide technology which contains natural ions, promotes healthier hair. The shell is scratch resistant with a black metallic finish so it adds durability and is a breeze to clean. Even though I don’t have a lot of hair, it does take fairly long for me to dry my hair – usually around 30 minutes. In comparison to my old Conair hair dryer, HANA really does the job. What impresses me the most is how powerful it is, which speeds up the drying process by 15 minutes when set on high speed! Another plus is the extra long 12’’ cord which no longer restrains me from moving freely while I dry my hair in the washroom.

The only downside about this product would be its weight. Considering that it is a professional hair dryer, it does weigh slightly more as opposed to your regular hair dryers that you keep in the house. Asides from that, it does a wonderful job and I can’t ever see myself returning to my Conair.

The product retails for $314.99, but it is currently on sale on Misikko for $194.99 + free shipping!

For those who are interested in purchasing this product, please visit: http://www.misikko.com/hana-air-professional-hair-dryer.html

Please check out Misikko as they provide an array of products to choose from including top selling flat irons!


  1. wow so many goodies in that box but omg what an expensive price for a hairdryer lol!

    shel xx

  2. The packaging is so beautiful! I love how fast it can dry your hair. Brian sent me the same one. Can't wait to test it out!

  3. I just had to comment on the carpet. So I went to Ikea to look at the carpet and I didn't realize it was real fur and so small. So sad cause it's out of my price range but I ADMIRE THE CARPET SO MUCH IN YOUR PIC... ughhh must continue my mission to find a big fluffy white carpet.. lol.

    Awesome hairdryer by the way. I wish I could say more about it but I rarely ever hair dry so I have no idea what to look for in a good one.