Lost & Found

May 3, 2011

Lost & Found (1)
Lost & Found (2)
Lost & Found (3)
Lost & Found (4)
Lost & Found (5)
Lost & Found (6)
Lost & Found (7)
Lost & Found (10)
Lost & Found (8)
Lost & Found (9)
Lost & Found (11)

Overdue photos from last Thursday at the new Lost & Found boutique, with Kristy and Jess. It wasn't exactly what we expected, but it was an interesting experience overall. We spent most of the night laughing over the old (hipster) crowd and how much we didn't belong. Oh, and I was a bit disappointed that coffees & lattes weren't being served, but Pabst Blue Ribbon was (haha). I think the only place we did find for ourselves was at the back of the shop. We browsed through the racks of expensive pieces and did manage to spot a few great Charlotte Ronson items! We ended up leaving after about 20 minutes and headed towards DT Bistro for some desserts - I had an incredible time and it was a well-spent few hours. Can't wait to see you two again!


  1. Such lovely photos as always. The boutique looks lovely, I love the little touches to it all, with the vintage typewriter and little tags! xxxx

  2. Yup, I'm officially A GIANT compared to these two lovely ladies! I guess I should've just worn flats :p It was a fun and "interesting" night. You pretty much captured what the event was all about. Too bad we didn't take a picture of the afro-hair lady. Her hair was IT! And yes, I was quite disappointed that they didn't serve coffees and lattes. I could totally use some that night ;)