April 13, 2011

Cambridge (1)
Cambridge (2)
Cambridge (3)
Cambridge (4)
Cambridge (5)
Cambridge (6)
Cambridge (7)
Cambridge (8)
Zara coat and flats, Wilfred top, TNA leggings, Saks Fifth Avenue necklace, Mango bag

Here are two of my most recent purchases: A clean and feminine double-breasted coat and a pair of ballerinas for Spring. It's the little details on these two pieces that blew me away - the dainty wooden black buttons on the coat and the delicate, simple bows on the ballerinas.

Spending another typical, dull afternoon in Hamilton preparing for my two last final exams. I’m slightly excited for the summer break to come, but until I’m done my last two exams I won’t be prancing around and smiling just yet.

P.S. I promise that I will reply to all your comments once the summer break approaches!


  1. I tried on those ballet flats at Zara too but didn't end up purchasing them (I hardly wear flats). So cute! Good luck on your exams! I've got 2 left and then I'm doneeeeeeeeee forever.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. I love the jacket, Aney! A way more feminine and sophisticated take on the trench. I might just have to go to Zara and hunt it down! You look fresh and pretty as always :)


  3. both pieces are so classic! I need to increase my collection of ballet flats, I've been looking for a neutral pair just like that

  4. I love love love the jacket!!! Don't hate me if I get one too ;) It'll be like good old days like when we used to match our clothes (Angel butts LOL)
    Oh I miss you lots hun, see you soon okay? <3 Good luck on the rest of your exams.

  5. The coat is awesome and the ballerinas are adorable. I really, really like the colour of them.

  6. The coat is beautiful!

    x Emma

  7. Your coat is amazing! I love your bag too xx

  8. You coat is beautiful and so are your flats. Good luck with the exams :)

  9. You look great I love the flats they are so cute ^^

  10. aww craving for that blazer.really want

  11. Good luck with your exams!
    I adore this chic combination... :o)


  12. So beautiful photos, I love your coat and bag, and you're so pretty :)
    And I really like the simple layout of your blog, it's classy, I'm thinking about changing mine for sth more like yours :)

    Feel free to follow if you like :)

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