February 26, 2011

Fazooli's (1)
Fazooli's (2)
Fazooli's (3)
Fazooli's (4)
Fazooli's (5)
Fazooli's (6)
Fazooli's (7)

Celebrated a friend's birthday at Alice Fazooli's tonight. The lengthy wait for a bitty, flat goat cheese & chicken pizza was quite upsetting seeing that everyone at our table got their food and finished way before us. At least now I know not to go back.

I'm wearing an H&M top, Forever 21 cardigan, and Saks necklace. You can also get a tiny glimpse of my new Mango bag here.


  1. aww, that sucks that you got the food way later than everyone else at the table 'cause you want to be able to leave at the same time! tsk tsk. However, it looks delicious and you two look stunning together! =]

  2. Great pictures and that pizza looks delicious! :D

  3. The pizza looks delicious! Was it worth the wait? :L
    And the last photo is stunning :)

  4. cute picture of you & your man. that pizza looks soooo delicious. my mouth is getting watery! xo

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  5. oooo!! yummmmmmm!! and love the photos... you guys look adorable! :)

    - aimee