January 16, 2011

KASA (1)
KASA (2)
KASA (3)
KASA (4)
KASA (5)
KASA (6)
KASA (7)
KASA (8)
KASA (9)
KASA (10)
KASA (11)
KASA (12)
KASA (13)
Zara tie-neck blouse, H&M bracelets and faux fur tippet

I've been lacking creativity in my outfits and pretty much slapping on anything just to get myself from point A (home) to point B (school). Ever since the semester started, I have been devoting all my time towards my internship application, which consists of creating a 30-second stop motion, revising my resume and writing up a decent cover letter. To help with my increasing fascination with featherweight blouses, here's another addition to my collection.

Last Thursday, a bunch of friends gathered together at KASA to celebrate my housemate's 22nd birthday. The Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant recently opened so we finally got the chance to give it a go. The food was satisfying and probably much better than most places I've been to for sushi. It's rare to find an all-you-can-eat restaurant that offers black sesame ice cream so I can't complain much about this place, except for the lack of speedy service. I especially like the wide selection of special rolls that they offer on their menu, but I'd probably appreciate the atmosphere and food more if I had gone with just a few friends. Nonetheless, I hope my friend had a spectacular 22nd!


  1. man oh man do i know what you mean.. at this time, in this weather, it's all about whatever is easiest to throw on!
    i love the tippet! tempted to get the club monaco one you mentioned but... student budget prevails...


  2. That food looks so yummy! Love your bracelets.

  3. I'm not sure if you knew, but all your photos get cut off because the width of your blog posts widget is too short. :( I only see your arm in the first photo.

    Also, I can't get enough of sushi! I love hokkigai and salmon sashimi. <3

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. I love feather weight blouses too. There is something so elegant about them :) The restaurant looks yummy w/all the food :) I've always loved all-you-can-eat buffets :)

  5. Slapping on a faux fur tippet is creative actually. You look good, don't worry!

    xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

  6. love the faux fur... plus that food looks delicious
    check out my giveaway

  7. Yayy, you need to show me your stop motion piece! Looking forward to next week <3 Love you

  8. Youlookgreat.


  9. Japanese + All-you-can-eat = my mouth watering!

  10. amazing blog ; )
    interesting notes ! :D
    more !
    U are so pretty !

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  11. you look so happy in the first photo! :)

  12. Of course my window isn't minimized. That's a silly question.

    I don't think people notice that your photos get cut off because it looks like your photographer purposely cut off your head. LOL Like..the photos look completely fine..it's just that I noticed they're cut off through. :P This is what I see with my screen MAXED: http://i54.tinypic.com/315oo07.jpg

  13. Oh I haven't tried looking at my laptop yet, but I'm sure some people can fully see your pics and some can't. It's happened to some other bloggers I know as well. : )

  14. Amazing outfit and lovely pics! <33

  15. oh man, food pictures making me hungry :(
    good luck with your applications and such!


  16. It's again a lovely look dear! Nice faux fur! xxx

  17. You are so pretty Aney; you have a lovely smile! The stack of bangles on your arm really adds a lot of dimension to your look.

    And I can't believe how nicely that food is plated for an All You Can Eat restaurant! I really need to make my way to Toronto to try some of the food :)


  18. Thanks for the lovely comment.
    Looks like you had a great time.


  19. so lovely as always! love the bangles :)

  20. That cake looks so good! Cute outfit too. :)


  21. that ice cream looks amazing!! and the decor of Kasa looks very chic.

    love the bangles

  22. Hi Aney! the faux fur goes perfect with the wintery-white background. your smile and expression in the 1st picture is soooooo adorable. made me smile! =] Anyway, i hope you land a great internship...i am going to start on my resume, cover letter, and applying...yup all those good stuff...*sigh* long process. Hope your new years is going great!

  23. yum, all that food looks so delish! i just found your blog and it's really great, now following you! feel free to check out my blog if you get the chance :)
    you mentioned making a stop motion, are you an interactive media design major?

    Fashion Bag 411

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  25. Japanese all you can eat?! sign me up! these photos are gorgeous... you're making my mouth water! and as for the lack of creativity in your outfits?... i'm totally not seeing a lack of creativity! you look gorge. :)

  26. Love your blouse. We're going to go back to KASA again! The seasame icecream was delish, I want more :)


  27. looks like your friend had a great birthday party:) yummy food.. I'm liking your clean bloglayout:D and I like your little collage in your latest post;)

  28. Such amazing photos. Seriously making me hungry haha!. Thank you for such a sweet comment. Made my day. :)

    PS - I love your blog!


  29. Hello thank you so much for the sweet, sweet comments on my blog today! Great to see that you are a fellow Canadian too. I am loving the faux fur tippet -how gorg! And YUM to that food it looks amazing. My two fave things fashion + food! xx veronika

  30. you are so stunning & have amazing style. im definitely following you. xo

  31. Oh, the food looks yummy! And about internship applications... I totally get what you're talking about, I have to apply for internships atm, too and it honestly took me an entire day to come up with a decent cover letter and cv. :/

  32. I actually love this "simple" outfit :) The fur tippet made it look luxurious :) And goodluck with the internship applications. I hate revising my cover letter :(

    ps. show us the stop motion result! :)


  33. love the picture of the food! I love doing macro photography!

  34. you have a gorgeous smile!
    food looks yummy...too bad I cant eat fish, I'm allergic ;(
    xo lina

  35. Girl, I feel you. My school is 5 mins away. Sometimes I cheat and even wear sweatpants to school. Oops hahaha. You're fur collar adds a great touch to your outfit. Easy transformation.. and effortless!

    Uhmmm what kind of all you can eat restaurant do you get over there? For us in Vancouver, it's crappy, cold food with ugly presentation. We don't get ice cream either! We get.. JELLO. Haha... it sucks.

    Anyways, hope you get the internship!


  36. I love your blog! The design, the colours, the amazing pictures you get of yourself and all the things you like.. And your style is amazing! Keep up the good work!

    Elena from http://theonewiththefashion.blogspot.com

  37. i love the shots of the outfit and food! i love the fur on the sweater... i'm always a sucker for fur!

    everything looks so tasty!

    i'm so glad you commented on my blog... cuz i'm really loving yours!


  38. I adore your style. And your photo's are really beautiful! x

  39. i love your outfit, and you are absolutely gorgeous! these photos turned out beautifully. the food you posted is making me hungry hahaha. you blog is wonderful

    xx elle

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