I'm racing the finish line of a lifetime thats barely started

January 10, 2011

I'm racing the finish line (2)
I'm racing the finish line (1)
I'm racing the finish line (3)
I'm racing the finish line (4)
I'm racing the finish line (5)
I'm racing the finish line (6)
I'm racing the finish line (7)
I'm racing the finish line (8)
Zara printed blouse and jeans, MK riding boots, H&M bracelets and fur snood

I’ve become helplessly obsessed with blouses lately. I love them not only because of the lightness and ladylike appeal it gives off, but more so the idea that you can simply throw one on to create an effortless feminine look without the need to accessorize and such.

Love the easy, relaxed weekend that had just passed, minus the excruciating pain I was in after a trip to Blue Mountain. Accompanied by some great company, we managed to withstand the chilly weather and all the snow to snowboard. Of course, I would get dragged up to the Blue Hill for my first snowboarding experience. You would have least expected that I would get semi-trained on the Bunny Hill, or even the Green Hill first. I apologize to those who had fallen over because of me. I have yet to master getting off the ski lift without falling flat on. Well to be honest, I can’t imagine myself ever wanting to live through that again haha. Waking up the next morning was probably the worst with my aching and bruised body. I would have refused to get out of bed if I didn’t need to come back to Hamilton.

On a more blissful note, I’m glad to welcome a new beginning and a new year! A bit overdue, but I hadn’t realized that I had delayed my 2011 outfit post until now. Anyone else excited for Winterlicious 2011 besides me? Don’t forget to make your reservations starting this Wednesday!

P.S. The jewelry stand from the previous post was from Home Sense.


  1. I ♥ the beautiful blouse ! You look wonderful as always dear :)

  2. you look beautiful :)
    the blouse is lovely on you - you should wear more colour a bit more often! hehe.


  3. love the colors of your blouse!you look so pretty!


  4. That blouse is so very pretty! I've always wanted to try snowboarding although I am afraid that I am too much of a klutz. I think I would be one giant walking, talking bruise if I ever gave it a go haha.

  5. beautiful as always! and i'm trying to plan winterlicious outings with my friends as well!! hopefully these meals wont be TOO expensive haha
    and i hope we'll run into each other soon too! toronto's not that big :)

  6. Love the scarf and blouse! :)


  7. I'm loving blouses too, they're a great, effortless way to look pretty.

  8. love ur look :)amazing photos
    hope u check out my blog
    follow me on:

  9. simple and cute :)love the blouse.

  10. you are so beautiful,dear!<3

    you had a great style and nice pictures. I want to show you my fashion-blog, beacause you really look like someone who loves fashion as much as i do! Please visit my side and tell me what do you think about it!

  11. definitely very flattering on you :)

  12. so cute - it just started snowing here too!!!

  13. You look so cute dear! Gorgeous blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  14. i'm into blouses too...but can't find any here...yet, anyways. i'm guessing spring will bring more :) love the color of yours here.


  15. yoou have a great blog!
    love your printed shirt! you look pretty!

  16. you look great and I love those boots, are they leather?