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December 13, 2010

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Talula cardigan, Talula Babaton wool coat, H&M pants, French Connection necklace, Chloe Clutch, Michael Kors riding boots

Attempting to squeeze in a short post at the library before diving into the swamp of notes in front of me. The city had its first snow fall last night so I had to run outside for a few photos in the freezing cold. It's so comforting to wake up to a bright and snowy morning.

On Saturday evening, my housemates and I went to the Bean Bar to celebrate one of our housemate’s early birthday. It was the closest (decent) restaurant by campus so we went for the sake of convenience. The restaurant gives off a warm, cozy ambience with the dusty brown walls, large embroidered mirrors, rouge drapes, dimmed lights and silver disc chandelier décor. I had the Chicky Tom wrap with sundried tomatoes, grilled chicken, and brie and a side of sweet potato fries which were overly salty and peppery. Although the yam fries were disgusting, the Toblerone mousse cake made up for it with its rich chocolate taste and lightly whipped cream.

Now I’m going to plug myself into some Boyce Avenue and study for my last two finals. Hope exams are going well for everyone!


  1. Amazing boots and clutch! You rock this outfit & great pictures ofcourse!

    Love Cindy

  2. I love the clutch and the cake looks amazing :x

  3. Good luck on your finals! :) BTW the yam fries do look disgusting LOL but im glad the dessert made up for it ^^

  4. I swearrr I wouldn't be able to stand the cold weather in your outfit. I would freeze to death! LOL Lovely photos : ) I especially like the last one. <3

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. It looks freeeeeezing! Hahaha but you look cute as usual Aney. Are those boots warm??


  6. your boots are absolutely perfect! you look cozy and chic.


  7. Succh a classy outfit! I absoloutely love your coat. It's gorge.


  8. I can't believe you braved the cold to take outfit photos out doors! I can't stand the cold weather recently! :( I'm still in love with that Chloe clutch!

  9. awww your have a great smile. those shoes are killer!

  10. What a lovely evening! I adore your coat and you have the sweetest smile. Following!

  11. loving your clutch! amazing color


    Kisses from Paris~

  12. darling, the photos are lovely, and i can't help but fall in love with your clutch! x


  13. That chicken wrap looks so inviting ♥

    Mon Mode Blog

  14. just came across your blog and I love it, so much inspiration!

  15. oooh I've never had to live anywhere with snow, but you look so cute. If I had to, I would dress like this!

    Good luck with your finals, I'm so grateful to have finished mine last week!

  16. it looks so cold in toronto lol..it makes vancouver look a lot warmer and i'm still complaining on how cold it is.

    my holt renfrew scarf was only $50! and you are lookin beautiful as always. goodluck on your exams <3

  17. i just found your blog and i love it so much! i'm a new follower!

    please check out my blog and follow me if you like it :)


    ps. love your clutch

  18. lust lust lusting your clutch!! and those boots are so great! Now following you!


  19. such a beautiful post!! i love what u r wearing and everything looks yummy! new follower hehe :)


  20. thanks babe for dropping by :) i love your outfit! you look really pretty in it :) xxx <3


    ps. im your new follower :D

  21. The physicians formula blush/bronzer is very cute, unfortunately i tried it once and it didnt look any different on me than any other peachy pink blushes. I think maybe its because of my more yellowtan complexion. On fairy skin im sure it looks gorgeous. Btw, stay tuned because I think I'm adding shoes to my blog sale if youre interested :)!

  22. BRRRRRRRR it looks so windy in the photos! You look great regardless though :) hope exams went well and have a great break!!

  23. Mmmm the food looks so good. It seems like you always go to the best restaurants! All the pictures of your food looks soooo good.

    I think we have similar taste. I saw half the picture of your boot while my computer was loading your page, and I KNEW it was Michael Kors. I was going to buy those! But I went for a diff pair instead. They look great on you. I hope you sprayed your boots before you wore them out in the snow.. :)


  24. Great coat! Love the pictures of the restaurant, the food looks so good!

    To, one forgot me, I have been charmed with the purse also.



  25. i'm loving the clutch!! you're so pretty! the food looks delicious!!
    i'm following you <3