All I want for Christmas is you

December 25, 2010

All I want for Christmas (1)
All I want for Christmas (2)
All I want for Christmas (3)
All I want for Christmas (4)
All I want for Christmas (5)
All I want for Christmas (6)
All I want for Christmas (7)
Asos blouse, H&M pants, faux fur tippet and bracelets, Zara flats, Mango bag

Overdue outfit photos from a few days ago. Totally in love with this new Asos military blouse. Love how it gives off a clean, simple look with the bow detailing (that you can't see with my tippet covering over top) and silky cream fabric. Finally adding in some colour to my outfits after having worn shades of grey over the past couple of weeks. In case you’re wondering, I have been wearing flats on a regular basis and I am aware that it’s the winter season so I should be bundling up. After my first 9 hour shift at work in my MK riding boots, I came home with blisters on my feet and now it’s essentially impossible for me to step out of the house in a pair of boots without aching. I do carry around a pair of socks with me as a just-in-case though!

Last photo is taken of the Links of London bracelet I received from TL as my Christmas gift. I especially love the card that he gave me because he actually managed to fill up the entire left side with words this time haha.

I can confidentially say that Christmas has become my favourite holiday of the year. Now I’m going to sit down to an old 2003 holiday romance film and indulge in the huge box of Lindor chocolate my mom gave me bahaha.


  1. Beautiful shirt! You look so lovely!

  2. very nice outfit! the shirt is so pretty! hehe did you watch love actually?? because love that movie so much!

    merry christmas!!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your man. The bracelet is lovely :)

  4. gorgeous bracelet :) merry christmas to you!

  5. aww yay! Links bracelet :)

    Love your blouse. The neutral colour is so perfect!

  6. Merry Christmas Aney! You look beautiful. I like your faux fur scarf so much more better than mine. <3

  7. amazing! i looove what u r wearing! so so chic! :)

  8. love actually, bridget jones, elf, and more christmas movies foreverr! :)
    love your blouse

  9. oh that blouse is lovely, and i can see why you like it so much! hope you had a wonderful christmas dear x

  10. I love the shirt!!! I need to make more asos purchases.

  11. Gorgeous shirt and the fur is the perfect accessory ATM! And I can't believe you're working retail right now - its total chaos (but I'm sure the $$ and discount makes it worthwhile).

    And I never made it to Eaton's on Boxing Day (that's where you work right?) haha I pretty much went everywhere else though :S hope it wasn't TOO overwhelming!

  12. Nice outfit!


  13. love your outfit!! you are soo pretty! and you have such a sweet blog ^-^

  14. the fur is perfect with that blouse :)
    you are beautiful as per usual!
    hope you're having a lovely holiday break dear,

  15. gorgeous bracelet and I cant believe you have your flats on for those kind of weather!!! but I really love the whole outfit!!

  16. Wow.. you are so beautiful! And your style is amazing :D

    Thanks for your comment, i'm following you!

  17. love your outfit ;D you look so gorgeous
    mind to follow my blog?

  18. You look stunning. You are beautiful and your all outfit is fabulous.
    I am your new fallower. I really like your blog.

  19. love the whole outfit, and that purse is perfect!

  20. heyy nice bag!

  21. Awesome outfit! Love the fur jacket :)

  22. I love your style. <3 How can you take being out in ballett flats in the snow though? I'd be freezing to death, ha ha!

  23. You look AMAZING in this post!! Your bf did great on the bracelet! I love it!

    xx rk

  24. Love your outfit...especially with the flats!

    Be sure to visit and enter my giveaway!

  25. Oh yes, totally lovely military coat o:
    Isen't abit cold to wear flats in the Winter dear? Carefull not to get cold!
    Anyway happy 2011 soon!

  26. you're so adorable!


  27. You have a very nice look! I specially love the fur around your neck! ;)

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt
    And thyis sentence on the bottom of your blog! Amazing!