Welcome streams of sweet dreams

November 3, 2010

Welcome streams of sweet dreams (1)
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H&M dress, F21 heels, Chloe Elvire clutch

Here are the photos from the rest of my Saturday night. I’ve been eager to dine at Ki for a good while now and I was finally able to when Terrance took me there for my surprise birthday dinner. Well, it wasn’t much of a surprise since I was able to figure it out long before the night arrived. The restaurant was breathtakingly beautiful and huge, to my surprise. I’ve always imagined Japanese restaurants to be somewhat clustered, but I guess the “modern” take of it must indicate something. The evening was a perfect blend of gratifying delight and warmth with his company. The beautiful necklace in the third photo was a Tiffany gift, courtesy of my boyfriend. I’m thankful for the enduring happiness that he has provided in the past few years, whether it is as my best friend or boyfriend and I’m enchanted by the sincerity that he has kindly put forth.

The weekend was beyond words and I just realized that my wish for all three birthday cakes remained consistent. I have been pretty much making the same wish throughout childhood until now. You can probably take a silent guess of what it may be.

I’m definitely not anticipating the next three weeks with two more midterms left on the road before being tormented by exams and a handful of assignments to complete. Just waiting for all of this misery to swiftly pass by…


  1. You look beautiful :) You and Terrance make such a lovely couple. I hope the food was as delicious as it was beautiful :) I love the dress you are wearing. It's so airy like a dream :)

  2. You look lovely as always! What a beautiful place to celebrate bd! The necklace is gorgeous. I guess he knows you well. Happy belated BD :)

  3. beautiful pictures, great dress ;)


  4. Ki looks amazing! All these places you're dinning at makes me wanna go to! Hope you had a lovely birthday weekend my dear <3 p.s I was in Hamilton this past Saturday-Sunday but I figured you were back in Toronto for the weekend. We always miss each other! Good luck on midterms :)


  5. happy belated bday! what an beautiful restaurant. you look amazing in that dress... love the necklace that your bf gave you too.

  6. OMG, that looks so delicious! I want to eat it :)
    + really nice photo's

  7. beautiful! :) you looks absolutely stunning in the dress! :) It looked like you had a great time with your bf!

    also, good luck on the rest of your midterms!! :)

  8. Glad you had a lovely birthday dinner at Ki. Ki is close by my work and I've been there for lunch. You're definitely right when it comes to it being not your "typical" Japanese restaurant...more modern / fusion.

  9. beautiful dress and you 2 look lovely!

  10. You look so beautiful. And Ki is a great place to celebrate - delicious drinks and interesting food. Happy Birthday again (and bf has great taste in presents - love the necklace)!

  11. the couple and the food look amazing :) I love how you added a simple yet breathtaking accessory (ahem... TIFFANY!!!) to the outfit. How's the food? I've been meaning to try Ki too, but I always ended up at Richtree (now Marche) :p



  12. Beautiful dress dear! Also lovely pictures!

  13. i LOVE the shoes :)
    And you look gorgeous as always:)
    happy birthday lovely

  14. I love the dress and shoes! You look gorgeous!!!

    Enter my giveaway when you get a chance!!!

  15. I love what you're wearing so much and the necklace is adorable! Such a romantic couple, aw! Your pictures of food always makes me really hungry though, ugh. Good luck with the rest of your midterms hun! X

  16. I absolutely love your shoes.. and your necklace!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!


  17. I LOVE your dress, and the food looks so yum!!!
    Happy Birthday babe :)


  18. You and your BF seem so cute together! Hahaha you can't go wrong with someone who dines with you AND takes your blog pictures (I'm assuming). The dress is so flattering on you, love the colour. By the way, what camera do you use?


  19. Happy belated birthday! You look stunning, and the photos from your dinner are gorgeous x


  20. Happy bday! you look gorgeous in your outfit and your shoes are just stunning :)

  21. You both look absolutely adorable !
    And if that is a tiffany&co. necklace then I am quite jealous!
    Love your blog !

  22. Aww looks like you had a lovely time celebrating your bday with your bf :) he has good taste, that necklace is beautiful! and it matches well with you because you look gorgeous in that dress ;) must be the happy bday glow! haha

    the best of luck to you with all your school work and studying! xo


  23. Glamourous!!
    In love with your dress and shoes. :)
    Now followed.


  24. you look amazing! you and terrance are an adorable couple. glad you're happy :)
    i've heard really good things about ki. definitely want to check it out sometime soon.

  25. i have the same dress but in olive!

    gotta love H&M!

  26. Love how you throw in food pics in your outfit post =D

    if you need more idea dinning out in Toronto, take a look at my blog and let me know if you like it :