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October 31, 2010

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H&M top, Zara blouse, F21 skirt and shoes, Chloe clutch

I didn’t want a birthday celebration that screamed for tonnes of pre-planning this year so I settled for an easy day with two of my dearest girlfriend’s for afternoon tea at Four Seasons, a wings night with a few that my bf planned, and a pleasant dinner with my bf at Ki, a modern Japanese restaurant. Photos from dinner with Terrance will be postponed for later this week because I don’t want a cluster of photos all in one post and I secretly want to dedicate an entire post to him for being the sweetest individual.

Being able to catch up over three pots of tea with the two girls was more than I can ever ask for. Although most of our conversation pretty much ended with us talking about which pastries or sandwiches we liked most or how classy we should attempt to be, it was nice seeing their faces. Everyone seemed to be having silent conversations all around, but us (spare us on this one, it was our first time having afternoon tea haha). I don’t exactly feel the slightest bit of difference now that I’m 20, but I guess hitting the 2’s should be quite a drastic hit.

On a separate note, I witnessed snow pouring from the sky (yes, in October). At first glance, it seemed like rain since I did see dark clouds earlier on in the day, but it did turn out to be snow. I guess winter's arriving early this year.


  1. Sorry I couldn't come out, glad you had a lovely time! I love this outfit and the shoes! they look like ballet slippers a bit.

    See you next week at LIVE :) xo

  2. Yummy petite pastries. You look stunning!

  3. AHH you make me miss their pastries alot. Can you believe all that actually filled me up? I was so stuff afterwards.

    Hope your 20th birthday was memorable! I remember me and Jacky were talking to Terrance at 6 in the morning after a long sketched out night about your birthday gift ;)

  4. mm looks delicious, haha.
    hope you had a really great time :)

  5. all the snacks look so good. and you look very pretty as well :)

  6. What a perfect way to spend your birthday :) Looks like you and your girls had a lovely time. That cucumber sandwich is making me hungry! I love all those little dessert tarts too!

    As for your bday outfit, that blouse is beautiful, I love the pattern on it. The shoes are gorgeous too! Can't believe they're F21!

    Happy Birthday Aney! Welcome to your 20's! It's not as bad as it sounds considering 30 is the new 20 haha so it's like being a teenager all over again, but internationally legal. Make the most of your 20's because time really flies. If I could do my early 20's all over again, I'd definitely do a lot of things differently haha. xo

  7. Great outfit Aney, love that you added that pop of pattern by layering the top over the blouse! And the crinkled skirt looks beautiful-- doesn't look like F21! Same with the shoes!

    Those high tea pastries look yummy and it looks like you had a great first time... yay! Hopefully you can find out all the great places to have high tea in Toronto now?!

    Happy Birthday girl! I know 20 seems like a big step... I experienced it 2 years ago. Just want to say enjoy every minute of it cause you're not getting any younger! Hahaha just kidding. Being 20+ is going to be great and you're going to experience so much! Keep growing and learning and of course, keep being the stylish and sweet girl you are!


  8. gorgeous ;)


  9. I love and I have the same pair of shoes


  10. Your look is lovely and great pictures!!

  11. Lovely outfit, and the high tea looks like such a treat! Yum!

  12. What a lovely outfit! and you look super cute. Happy Birthday to you :)

  13. I love your outfit! You look just so chic and happy birthday!!

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  14. As soon as I saw the first tier of snacks, I could tell you were at the Four Seasons. Yum, so good. That is such a great way to celebrate a birthday. And you look beautiful. Happy Birthday!

  15. cant believe ur only 20! you look more older and mature but in a good way!! HAPPY BDAY!! btw the food looks so delicious

  16. Adoooooorable - your legs look so long! Reminds me of high tea in London. Such a fun and girlie way to spend a birthday :)

  17. Hope you had a great birthday! You look lovely, as do your friends and it looks like you went to a nice place! I love your shoes and still can't get over your clutch, Happy belated Birthday X

  18. aww what gorgeous shoes! lovely outfits on all of you


  19. Super cute outfit!


  20. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!! Love the pictures of the pastries! And you look gorgeous!


  21. Cute! And those pastries look super delicious.


  22. I think your blouse is really cute :)

  23. hi love,

    happy belated birthday! and you look great in white ! cant believe you saw snow in Toronto already.

  24. Yummy shoes. Very excited that Forever 21 are coming to the UK finally.