Below the misty mountain clouds, there's a lovely silver bay

October 25, 2010

Below the Misty Mountain Clouds (2)
Below the Misty Mountain Clouds (3)
Below the Misty Mountain Clouds (4)
Below the Misty Mountain Clouds (5)
Below the Misty Mountain Clouds (6)
Below the Misty Mountain Clouds (7)
Below the Misty Mountain Clouds (8)
Talula blazer, Zara blouse, TNA leggings, Michael Kors riding boots, Chloe Elvire clutch

A couple of reasons to explain why I've been hiding away for the past week and avoiding outfit posts. School has left me bundled up in pages of assignments and midterms still and I'm seriously sick of taking indoor photos. Fortunately, my lovely housemate offered to take a few photos for me today outside in the warm, autumn weather. I look like a complete mess since these photos were quickly taken after a morning full of classes so I do apologize.

On another note, the E.L.F. order that my housemates and I put in has finally arrived. I love their make-up and brushes only because they are priced ridiculously low and the quality is pretty impressive. Anyway, that is all for today.


  1. beautiful ;)

  2. Hey you, long time no see :D I hope all is well despite the massive amount of school work :)

    I love ELF brushes too, especially their eyeshadow (reg.line) and flat top (studio line) brushes :)

    Love the charcoal blazer and the MK studded boots!

  3. Hi Aney! Love the outfit, simple and chic. I miss wearing that blazer because it's too cold, wet and rainy over here now haha I have to wear a wool blazer instead! I hate taking indoor photos too so I know what you mean. Thanks for entering my giveaway! hopefully with a pretty MJM umbrella, you won't be as prone to losing it! haha, good luck with all your school stuff!

  4. Aney, lookin' chic as ever.. glad to see you back.. good luck with your schoolwork. :) and hopefully you'll find more time to blog. Miss your posts. :)

    Happy Monday!

    xx Love & Aloha
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  5. I can't believe you think you look like a complete mess. You look casual but great!

    I know school can take up soo much time and energy. Good luck with it ...even try to enjoy it! (And definitely try to sneak in a few more outfit pics, between classes and exams and stuff.)

  6. I'm getting sick of taking pics indoors too and it's starting to get dark so early!

    I am in lovveee with that clutch, you rocked it!

    fashionable footprints

  7. beautiful blazer! fits you wonderfully

  8. i love that clutch!

    i've never tried anything from e.l.f before mainly because i thought the quality would be crap, but is it really that good? i'm quite picky with my make up. haha

  9. Awww that's nice of your housemate to take photos for you! You do look a little tired but still put together and pretty as always!

    Are the pigments in the e.l.f make up good enough for every day wear, you think?

    Have a great week Aney!

  10. Very pretty!!! love the makeup. Could you do a review on them? Or maybe even swatches?
    xoxo Debby

  11. loving this outfit <3

  12. you look so stunning! love the brown bag so much!

  13. you are so simple but amazing

    love xo

  14. you look amazing! i love your brown clutch!

  15. I really love a simple and chic outfit like this - you look beautiful!x

  16. You look so nice for someone going to school! I wish people in Waterloo tried. It would make up for all the hideous construction going on, on campus.

  17. Uhh, I wish I could look like your version of "a complete mess" after classes.!

  18. Love your style!