White sand

August 31, 2010

Forever 21 dress, Guess sandals, Chloe Elvire clutch

Altered this dress a little for a more asymmetrical look.

Spending the rest of the afternoon with a few girlies I grew up with to celebrate our second annual garden party. I'm looking forward to hundreds of photos in the backyard, along with little girl talks to catch up on what's left of our previous discussions before summer's end. White sangrias filled with lots and lots of fruits to cool ourselves down while dancing in the sun (hopefully).


  1. ohh yes def. a cute outfit I have been trying to look for a white dress still haven't found th right one :(

  2. such a cute dress! you look great! and i love your clutch!!

  3. adorable dress, a nice summer piece!


  4. cool clutch!!
    I (L) your blog!


    PS: Today, I post a new outfit, hope u like it! =)

  5. lookin pretty; the dress fits you so perfectly! the garden party sounds so fun and original <3

  6. this light ruffle tiered dress is so pretty and cheerful :) you're definitely not letting autumn rain on your summer parade :D

  7. Oh,such a cute dress. Loving this simple, girly outfit - it's so you !

  8. such a great dress, fresh outfits all around. come follow me xxo

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    PLEASE can u tell me what you did or where you got your template from

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  10. garden parties and dances in the sun sound so magical. eeks ! i cant believe summer is over either D:

    and my goodness. that is a great outfit for garden parties (if i've ever attended one). and plus, the clutch colour is gorgeous.

  11. pretty. lovely dress