Dark hearted

December 30, 2009

La Senza satin slip, UO pouf skirt, DIY ripped tights, mom's leather faux fur cuff gloves

Hope all of you are enjoying your holidays, as I am doing the same. Been busy throughout the entire break catching up and hanging out with the close girls, the fam, and the boyfriend. Brief post with the fur cuff gloves previously owned by my mom - they're beauties. And I kind like the way the slip peeks out of the skirt rather than having everything hide under it haha. Also first post with the Canon Rebel XS from him for Christmas (thank you swtie, you're amazing). Take care lovelies!


  1. Gorgeous Aney! I can't help but look at the picture board behind you. I love picture boards.

  2. The gloves are really lovely and I also love the picture board ! Great idea !

    Have a happy new year !

  3. Such awesome photos :-)
    Love the first one espesh!
    Panda xx

  4. cute photos!

    love your blog :)
    - Audrey Allure

  5. Love this top! chicinwonderland.blogspot.com

  6. sweet gloves - reminding me that i should go look for my grey leather ones somewhere in my room...you're going to have a blast in NYC :) oh and woman, you've got amazing skin!

  7. you have such great style, you should be a stylist!
    i love all your clothing and would totally wear them :)