Tonight and the rest of my life

November 30, 2009

Community bustier top, F21 bandage skirt, DIY chain accesories

The past weekend, I spent most of my hours with my boyfriend making trips from Hamilton to Toronto, Toronto to Waterloo, Waterloo to Toronto and then back to Hamilton again. I don't know how he does it, but I witnessed him falling asleep on the wheel twice. Went to Waterloo for a friend's twentieth birthday - hope he had fun, even though him puking led him to getting kicked out of the club by 11:30.

This was probably the perfect weekend I had since forever and won't have for awhile. Drowning myself in books for the next three weeks does seem fun. Picked up a little gift for him (though it probably still isn't as sweet as the jar of stars he folded me). "A Lovely Love Story" by Edward Monkton has got to be the sweetest little book about dinosaurs ever.


  1. You and your boyfriend are so cute together :)

  2. Johnny's birthday: correct me if i'm wrong but were you the one who told me that Lisa was looking for me?

  3. Yeah more or less just caught a glimpse of each other. I was in the club for about half an hour when I had to leave with Johnny ha it was very anticlimatic. Is it funny that I saw you but I've been in Loo since Thursday and haven't seen Terrence at all? We'll bump into each other again :) until then!

  4. Aww you look adorable!!! Love the skirt!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! :-)

  5. You looked beautiful from your makeup to your contacts (i think?)!! =]