Tgif, not.

November 13, 2009

Forever 21 top, Talula cardigan, F21 floral printed scarf, H&M leggings

A quick break from studying - It's Friday and there's really nothing to be excited for. He's gone to Montreal for the weekend, while I'm stuck here studying. I don't think it's fair. Will be writing my Organizational Behaviour midterm in about five hours and it's quite hard to be studying since it will be all application and no memorization of any sort whatsoever. After my midterm, I have to jet back to study for Accounting, which will be tomorrow afternoon. Weekends really do suck for me now considering that all my midterms are held on Fridays and Saturdays. Is anyone else excited for Christmas to come? Not so much the Christmas part for me, since my family and I don't really celebrate, but I'm looking forward to the break just to relax! I miss home and it would be nice to be back to Toronto for a good two week stay. Anyways, back to studying. Wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck babe, i cant believe you have testings/classes on saturdays...that is just plain cruel. loving your casual outfit and scarf!!

  2. i love ur floral printed scarf & that light grey tank top! this sem i had 2 units that were conducted as winter intensives over a period of 5 days - that was torture too, but after that 5 days, yayy! so hang in there, u'll get ur fridays & saturdays back soon :)

    i am definitely looking 4ward to x'mas! i'll be back in s'pore enjoying the festive mood with friends & family!

  3. I feel you on school. I have all my major projects due the same week and exams. and blah blah. But how did you tie that scarf??
    Really cute

  4. I love the pictures babe :)
    I miss you! Good luck on your exams..
    Can't wait to see you Friday!

  5. Poor you having midterms on weekends - at least you look great while studying. Good luck!

  6. love your scarf. you look adorable!