You are my kind of beautiful

September 8, 2009

DIY French Connection wife beater, Wilfred bandeau bra, TNA leggings, Steven by Steve Madden Brunella shoes, F21 bangles

Woke up bored so I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut up my perfectly fine French Connection beater. I kind of like it though so it all works out :) / Went out today with a few school friends and just chilled. Took a little walk down to McMaster .. because we just miss school that much. Had sushi/dim sum for dinner and it was delicious. I adore how they serve dim sum and sushi at the same restaurant - and it's all-you-can-eat. I love it. Didn't do much besides eat, chill and lounging out at a friend's place. Glad that I finally went out after rotting here for .. a day haha. Summer days has drifted away and school is about to begin in 3 days. I guess I could say that I am excited, but at the same time.. I wish Summer would stay, forever.


  1. this diy is really awesome! i want to make some get out leggings when i get the chance!

    at least school starts in 3 was my first day back, and i'm already sick of it! ARGH! two more years, and then no more school for me! EVER! haha! : )

  2. The black outfit looks so good on your tan skin! All you can eat sushi/dim sum..sounds so goooood. wish it existed over here! Good luck with school!

  3. BTW Aney...where did you get that white side table at?