A night escape.

June 6, 2009

Happy birthday to my dearest best friend, Terrance ♥

Tonight was by far the most tiring night - lack of sleep, double work shift, and then out to the nightlife. Not to mention the fact that I did not even have the time to squeeze in a meal. I don't even know how I managed to survive the night, but I did and now I'm back at home uploading photos. As if I have anything better to do .. And tomorrow, the cycle repeats itself, minus the work shift though because I requested to take tomorrow and the day after off. I will probably be spending the next few days with my dearest to celebrate his twentieth birthday (it's okay, you're not that old). I hope he enjoyed his night and tomorrow will probably be a better day/night for him since it will be just a small gather of friends for dinner - a night where he will have some memory of what took place.. Love you bestie ♥


  1. You look hot!! I love your blog girly, keep up the good work. Oh! I would love to exchange links with you =]

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