June 13, 2009

Steven by Steve Madden "Brunella"

Source: Steve Madden

Picked up these babies today from the store and they're gorgeous and worth every penny :) They were originally $149.95, but I picked them up on sale for $109.95. I absolutely adore the ruffles the most - it's so adorable along with the colour and the skinny ankle strap. Can't wait to wear them! On a side note, I began shredding a few shirts of mine and as crazy as it may sound, I kind of enjoyed it. It took about three to four hours to finally complete one of my pieces, but I was happy with the results. I should have been studying at that time, but instead I was shredding until six in the morning. .. I'll post up a few photos when I get the chance.


  1. The shoes look great! I think I saw some at TJMax also but i'm not sure how much they were. I want to see the gap collection also.

    BTW, Yes i think the shipping would cost more but most importantly you are right, the length of the jeans might not work out. Thanks for your inputs though hun!

  2. Love it!