Almost Perfect

June 8, 2009

The weather today is heartrending, especially in the month of June when it's supposed to be beautiful. At least I can say the weather was perfect over the weekend, well for the most part. I practically spent my entire weekend with my best friend, celebrating his twentieth birthday. It was almost perfect since a few uncalled for events came into sight. Nonetheless, I hope he had the best time, though we both do admit that his nineteenth birthday was far better. Let's hope that his 21st birthday will surpass his previous birthdays because then he will be legal all over the world!

On a side note, I was wearing a Wilfred tank, H&M satin trousers, and Aldo heels - accessorizing myself with f21 bangles and my favourite Mango satchel

♥ a,


  1. The satin trousers look amazing on you!!

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