Until the sun sets ..

May 24, 2009

Talula Cardigan, Hollister wifebeater, F21 printed scarf, F21 skinny jeans, Costa Blanca sandals, Mango satchel

Oh the beauty of downtown Toronto. .. mind the fact of all the creeps and hobos down there who approach you every five minutes to ask for change. Anyhow, today was quite exciting because I haven't had such a short shift in awhile and I finally got to get together with a few friends to just hang out :) Ugh, sucks that it was a Sunday though since all the stores were practically closed by the time we got downtown. At least it gave us the chance to just walk around Queen St. and get some exercise out of that haha .. though my feet were killing me from my previous long, double shifts. / On a side note, my friends and I drove past my old area where I used to live and decided to stop by. There is quite a change, but it was nice taking a stroll down memory lane ..

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